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How We Became DC Fur Experts

Since 1903 Rosendorf Evans Furs has been the largest and finest Virginia and DC fur retailer.  With hundreds of years of combined experience in the DC fur industry, our staff has the expertise necessary to aide you in finding the coat of your dreams.  They have been taught how to expertly inspect and service fur garments by highly experienced furriers from around the world.   We emphasize their expertise and continued learning in order to provide our clients with the best buying experience possible.  There is no better way to buy a DC fur than with the guidance of a true expert at Rosendorf Evans Furs.

We not only provide our clients with their own expert sales consultant, we also shop the world to provide the best selection of furs in the DC area.  We are part of the Fur Headquarters family, an alliance of furriers in North America, which gives us access to the largest collection of furs in the western hemisphere.   The best way to buy a fur in DC or Virginia is to shop with the experts at Rosendorf Evans Furs.  For generations Rosendorf Evans has been known for its high standard of customer service, quality furs and fair prices.

Expert Fur Sales Consultants

Our fur sales consultants are experts from around the world who have gained the knowledge necessary to stand up to our high service standards.  We pride ourselves in having the most knowledgeable and experienced fur sales staff in the industry. They have been trained by some of the most experienced furriers in the world in order to provide our customers with the insight to keep their fur coats lasting longer.  We are proud to employ these highly trained individuals as it enables us to provide our clients with the best buying experience possible.  Our experts will not only aide you in finding the coat of your dreams, they will also help you put a plan in place to keep that coat healthy for decades to come.

With hundreds of years of combined fur sales/service experience our staff is the most highly qualified in the industry.  They have been taught how to inspect and service furs by highly experienced furriers from around the world.  This enables them to supply our clients with the best recommendations to keep their furs healthy and beautiful for as long as possible.

With so many years of combined experiences our expert staff can answer any and all questions you may have about your current fur coat or one that you are trying to add to your collection.  There is no better place to receive fur purchasing or servicing advice, our staff have literally seen it all.  They can examine any fur and provide documentation on its current replacement or resale value.  Along with expert fur sales, our consultants can provide you with fur appraisals to submit to insurance and damage reports in the event of an accident.  Our staff is the only choice in the industry when it comes to keeping your furs in excellent condition.   With their expert knowledge your fur garment could last generations.

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