Fur Appraisals

What if something were to happen to your fur?

How can you protect your investment?

Fur appraisals are written documents detailing the value of your fur coat or jacket by an authorized expert. Fur is a popular choice for many women and men for several reasons. Furs make a striking fashion statement in both formal or causal settings. They also keep you luxuriously warm throughout the bitter D.C. winters.

New fur coats command an elegant presence in trendy silhouettes. Vintage fur coats hold a legacy of style as they are passed down from generation to generation.

A fur appraisal is one of the best ways to protect your furs. Whether it is for insurance purposes, resale, or estate planning, we encourage you to have your fur professionally appraised.

Rosendorf Evans offers comprehensive fur appraisals for these needs and more. With over 100 years of experience, our team of highly-trained furriers and staff stands ready to be your premiere fur service provider in the D.C. area.

Our fur appraisals ensure you know the current value of your fur. We also provide other fur services including repair and storage to keep your fur in pristine condition for years.

Fur Appraisals for Your Insurance Policy

You have insurance for your home, car, and other valuable items. Getting your fur appraised should have the same priority. Your fur could be worth thousands. Don’t leave its value unprotected. You can add protection for your fur through your homeowner’s insurance. However, don’t rely on the default level of protection offered from your policy.

Having your own fur appraisal means a more accurate evaluation of your fur to make sure you receive the correct amount of compensation if something happens. No one expects accidents to happen, but it is always better to be safe than sorry. Your fur can incur damage during an incident in your home, or it could be stolen. Be prepared so you don’t lose your coat’s value.

Fur Appraisals for Resale

If your fur is a little too outdated or does not flatter your shape, you might consider selling it. Whether you are selling as an individual or through a consignment shop, it is important for both the seller and buyer to know the true value of the coat.

After getting your fur appraised, knowing the real value of your item may change your mind on selling it. If you would like to keep your coat, don’t worry. Along with complete fur appraisals, Rosendorf Evans can restyle or repair your old coat to its former beauty. Keep in mind your fur’s value may change after alterations.

If you do decide to sell your coat, a written fur appraisal increases your credibility as a seller. You can also provide a copy of the appraisal for the buyer for their record keeping.

Fur Appraisals for Estate Planning

Furs are a popular choice for heirlooms. Why? Because they are rare items with beauty and elegant value. When properly cared for with regular maintenance, its radiance can last for years. This is why so many fur owners pass down their furs to family or friends.

Maybe you have even inherited a fur from a grandma or great aunt. If you’re not sure about the details of your inherited coat, bring it into Rosendorf Evans. We can help you learn more about your coat’s past.

If you have a coat and you’re planning on giving it as an heirloom, don’t forget about including an written appraisal. This will ensure the receiver of your fine fur knows the precise worth and value.

Rosendorf Evans is dedicated to providing the best services in the fur industry. If you need a fur appraisal for your beloved coat, jacket, cape, or stole, contact us today.