Fur Cleaning

When finding a professional fur cleaner, do not risk taking your fur to a regular dry cleaner.

Do you know one of the easiest ways to keep your fur looking beautiful? Fur cleaning is a simple and effective way to maintain your fur’s appearance for years to come. Rosendorf Evans provides comprehensive cleaning and conditioning services for:

  • Fur
  • Leathers
  • Shearlings
  • Wool
  • Other fine materials

Fur cleaning is important for two reasons. First, professional cleaning removes dust, dirt, salt, and other particulates that can affect your fur’s quality. Winters in the Capital area are unforgiving. Your fur coat is your protective shield from the cold and snow. To maintain your fur’s defenses, have your fur cleaned at least once a year. Experts suggest having it cleaned in the spring or summer while it is in storage.

Cleaning is a cost-effective way to have your fur look and smell like new throughout the year. Since cleaning removes dirt and grime, it protects the natural oils in your fur. Touch a section of your fur. You should feel a slight oiliness. This is completely normal and healthy for the fur. Natural oils protect your fur’s fine hairs and give it its legendary plush appearance.

However, dirt and pollutants love these natural oils as well. When your coat or jacket isn’t cleaned on a regular basis, dirt damages the hairs which can lead to expensive repairs.

To avoid serious future damage, schedule your fur cleaning appointment with us today.

Our Expert Cleaning Process

Rosendorf Evans is the premiere furrier in the Capital area with 100 years of combined experience in fur style and maintenance. Our team takes pride in delighting you with our skill, knowledge, and diligence with furs. When you are looking for a fur cleaner, make sure you bring your item to the best.

Never take your fur or leather to a regular dry cleaner. While suitable for everyday materials like cotton or denim, dry cleaners do not have the right tools for luxury garments. We only use fur specific products for cleaning and conditioning. The wrong product can permanently damage or stain your fur which can lead to more expensive replacements of fur sections.

This is why we encourage all of our customers to have their fur cleaned by us. If you didn’t purchase your fur from Rosendorf Evans, we will be happy clean your garments as well.

Your fur is expertly cleaned on site so you never have to worry about your fur being packaged and shipped out of town.

Once you schedule your cleaning appointment, we will ask you to bring in your coat or jacket for a free evaluation. One of our skilled staff members will evaluate your coat and see which specific services it needs to keep looking its best.

Our process includes:

  • A detailed inspection
  • Fur cleaning to remove all stains from hairs and linings
  • Fur conditioning to replace the natural oils
  • Special glazing
  • Final inspection

Fur Cleaning Recommendations

The best time to get your fur cleaned is the spring right after it has been exposed to the harsh winter. Your fur should be cleaned at least once a year. However, if your fur has been around strong odors like smoke or perfume, we suggest having it cleaned at least twice a year. If a liquid has spilled directly on your fur or leather, call us immediately to have it cleaned. These types of spills will not necessarily ruin your coat, but can cause more damage as time progresses.

Even if you don’t wear your fur often, it is still important to have it cleaned. Materials can build up in the hairs, taking away from the fur’s natural moisture.

Whether you have a fur coat or a leather jacket, Rosendorf Evans will clean your item to perfection. Contact us today for a free cleaning evaluation.