Fur Repair

Our team of master furriers will inspect your fur or leather piece.

Your Fur – Beyond a Coat

Purchasing a luxury item such as a fur coat or accessory is not a minor decision. Your fur is one of your most prized possessions. Maybe it was passed down from your grandmother. Perhaps you purchased it for a wedding or exclusive gala. Your fur coat is a seemingly priceless possession that has become a part of who you really are.

But if you look into your closet and notice you haven’t worn it recently because of a rip or tear, don’t let its beauty waste away. Rosendorf Evans Furs can bring your fur back to life.

Regular fur maintenance is critical. It is very important that you have your fur inspected annually by our expert furriers. Spring is the best time of year to do this for two reasons:

  • The winter has just ended and your coat could have been damaged or dirtied
  • The summer is the time of year when your coat should be stored

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The Rosendorf Evans Difference

Whether you notice a small rip in the lining of your coat or if it had a major incident, our team of master furriers and professional finishers can repair any type of fur, leather, or fine fabric damage. We understand how important your item is to you; we will treat you and your item with the highest level of respect and customer service. With over a century of experience in the industry, Rosendorf/Evans is the premier leader in all fur services for the Capital region. You will not find this level of craftsmanship elsewhere.

Fur and leather repair should only be undertaken by trained experts. Regular tailors and seamstresses are not trained in the art of high quality fabrics. Master furriers spend decades learning the ways of veteran fur workers. Fur is a resilient material, but only in the hands of professionals. An incorrect trim or cut can lead to even more repairs. In addition, normal threads and needles are not strong enough to hold fur together. Our employees have access to world-class tools of the trade; your fur will never touch undisciplined hands.

Our Approach to Mend Any Repair

In order to avoid more serious damages fur coat repair should not be handled by anyone other than a highly trained expert. When you bring your furs into Rosendorf Evans, we will complete a thorough inspection. We first check the more vulnerable areas like the seams along the shoulders, closures, and pockets for any damage. Then we examine the interior lining to see if any of the inside material needs to be replaced. During the consultation, our team will ask you questions about the wear and prior condition of the coat.

After we consult with you and walk you through our process, we will begin the repair process. For rips and tears, our furriers will need to access the lining of the garment from the inside. This results in a stronger mend and also prevents repairs from being visible from the outside.

There are other intensive repairs including the replacement of an entire pelt if it has become too dry and brittle. If we have to replace a pelt on your coat, we will carefully source a perfect match for your pattern. If the lining itself is too worn, our staff can hand-sew a new one inside your coat. Other repairs include mending loose buttons, hooks, and cuffs.

Keeping Your Coat Beautiful

Yearly inspections and repairs are critical aspects of fur maintenance. Our fur repair specialists are capable of maintaining your fur coats beauty throughout its life cycle.

Our experts will be happy to inspect your furs and give you a free estimate if any repairs to your fur are required. Call (703) 893-3680 or stop by our convenient location at the Tysons Corner Center on 1961 Chain Bridge Rd, Tysons, VA.